Thursday, August 6, 2009


Just wondering if much of the current social malaise is due to expectations being set way too high. Few of us are destined to be rich and/or famous and ... this may be a good thing. Is being rich and famous all that it seems to be on the E! channel? Most of us wind up in mediocre, boring jobs with mediocre, boring partners and 2 or 3 mediocre, boring kids. We struggle just to break even and in the end feel like failures. And isn't that why we seem to be so pissed off? But, in reality, isn't this the destiny for most of us? Don't a far greater number wind up with little or nothing to show for our lives than those who make headlines and/or a fortune? Not very many win Life's Lottery.

Perhaps it is the expectations that are wrong. Perhaps our entire system of values needs a serious re-examination. What is really important after all?

"The happy man wants what he has."